Which units are suitable for OZtopo?

The following units can be used with OZtopo. If your unit is not listed here, please send an email to: support@oztopo.com.au

Alpha 100
Astro - all models
BMW Motorrad Navigator IV, V & VI
Colorado - all models
Dakota 20
Dezl all models, DezlCam
Drive, DriveAssist, DriveSmart, DriveLuxe
Edge 705, 800/810/820, 1000
eTrex 20/30, 20x/30x and Touch
eTrex Legend Cx, HCx
eTrex Venture Cx
eTrex Vista Cx, HCx
GPSmap 276C - limited, please call or see marine below
GPSmap 276CX - full support
GPSmap 60Cx, 60CSx
GPSmap 62s, 62sc
GPSmap 64 all models
GPSmap 620
GPSmap 76Cx, 76CSx
GPSmap 78, 78s, 78sc
Marine units - units that have SD card slots only, please see notes below # or email
Montana - all models
Monterra - all models

Nuvi - all models, including new Advanced, Essential and Prestige ranges, NuviCam
Oregon - all models, including the new 700 & 750
Rino 530Hcx, 650, 750
StreetPilot 7200
StreetPilot c510
zumo - all models including the new 395 & 595

# Marine units:
If your looking to use OZtopo on a marine unit and haven't yet purchased a unit make sure you buy one with a SD card slot.

If your unit uses a Garmin Propriety Card, yes OZtopo (and other maps) will work on these units. However the area that you can use/view will be limited by the size of the Garmin card you can use with each model. You need to check but most have only allow a maximum of 256MB (some 128MB some 512MB) which equates to about 1/3 of one state. Garmin cards are also expensive , eg US$100+ for 256MB card. In addition you will need a Garmin USB card writer at about US$100 to load maps onto these types of cards. These card writers only work on Windows 32 bit machines up to Windows Vista.

If your model is not listed please call or email

Technical help?
Please review the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here
View the Garmin MapSource video by clicking here
Please contact your retailer first
If they are unable to help please contact support@oztopo.com or call GPSOZ on 02 9999 2313